My name is Orlando Baeza and  I am presently working as a storyboard artist on Fox's Emmy Award- winning show Bob's Burger's, where  I have happily worked for the past 4 seasons. Moreover, I have gained a wealth of experience on show's like Futurama, The Simpson's, Baby Blues, T.M.N.T. and several pilot's that have yet to air. My skill set in storyboarding and character layout provide me with a  unique set of tools in this field, all of which have contributed to my success. I am very interested in transitioning into feature film animation to showcase my talents on a larger scale. Most of my Simpson colleague's have gone on to accomplish significant milestones in feature film, so it feels like a natural progression. Truth be told I was offered an opportunity to work on the  feature ''Iron Giant ''. However I was signed to the Simpson's at the time and had to decline the offer in order to honor my commitment.  I have taken the liberty of providing samples of my work on the aforementioned show's. The  selection's are some of my favorite sequence's and very special  to me. I hope you enjoyed the content on this site, and I invite you to contact me with any questions or would like to discuss possible collaborations.   Thank you

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